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Graph Theorist makes it simple to draw complex graphs and, if you like, convert them to TikZ code for easy inclusion in LaTeX documents. It also provides tools for easy searching of the current graph for standard properties such as independent sets, dominating sets and more.

In your email, let us know if you'd like to beta test Graph Theorist and also if you have any thoughts or suggestions as to what features you'd most like to have in a graph theory app.

See some Demos of what you can do with Graph theorist.

Features in version 1.0

  • Output TikZ code for easy embedding into Latex files

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Powerful drawing commands

  • Easily drag vertices, rotate, scale selected subgraphs

  • Save graphs locally or into DropBox

  • Add edges by simply dragging between vertices. To delete an edge drag over it

  • Vertices can have any of eight colors, three sizes, and four geometric shapes

  • Edges can be oriented with two distinct sytles

  • Edges can be curved

  • Multiple edges

  • Edges can have colors, four levels of thickness, and be solid, dotted, or dashed

  • Perform many operations on graphs including line graph, complement, squaring,
     identification of vertices, and more

  • Easily load paths, cycles, complete graphs, grids, complete bipartite graphs and more

  • Search for maximum independent sets, cliques, dominating sets, longest paths, and more

  • Comes with a built-in database of many classical graphs

  • Print graph images using iPad's Airprint

  • Email graph images and/or TikZ code to others

  • Subsequent versions will add much more to this list.

  • An associated Macintosh version is also in the works.